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College Educator Award for Excellence in Teaching

This award is given for excellence in teaching chemistry, biochemistry, or a chemistry-related field at a post-secondary institution that does not offer a Ph.D.-granting program in that field.

Criteria: The nominee shall be currently teaching a chemistry-related discipline. The nominee must reside within the Southern Arizona section of the American Chemical Society.

Submit the following for the College Educator Award


·       Nomination form from website

·        Curriculum vitae that includes educational background, teaching experience, accomplishments and outreach activities

·        Letter from nominee describing their teaching philosophy

·        Letters of nomination and a letter of support

o       Submit a narrative summary of 1,000 words or less that includes the following:

o       The quality of the nominee's teaching. Unusually effective methods of presentation should be emphasized.

o       The nominee's ability to challenge and inspire students;

o       Extracurricular work in chemistry or a chemical science by the nominee, including science fairs, science clubs, and activities that stimulate the interest of young people in chemistry and related sciences;

o        A willingness to keep up-to-date in the field, as evidenced by pursuit of a higher degree in chemistry or a chemical science, enrollment in refresher courses and summer institutions, regular attendance at scientific meetings, membership in professional organizations, and other means of self-improvement; and

o       Evidence of leadership and/or active involvement within the profession.


·        Additional letters of support from students are encouraged

Please use the form below





Nominee: ______________________________________________


Business Address ______________________________________________


Business Phone: ______________________________________________


Email: ______________________________________________


Home Address: ______________________________________________


Nominator: ______________________________________________


Business Address: ______________________________________________


Business Phone: ______________________________________________


Email: ______________________________________________


Second Nominator: ______________________________________________


Business Address: ______________________________________________


Business Phone: ______________________________________________


Email: ______________________________________________



Return the three copies of the nomination dossier to:

Dr. Laura Stratton

4231 S. Fremont Ave.

Tucson, Arizona 85741 

(520) 746-8446 

Application due date: Three copies of the nomination dossier may be sent. Deadline for receipt of nominations is March 15 and the award will be announced by April 1.
Award: The Award will include $1000 and a plaque.

Presentation: The award will be presented at the Awards Reception hosted by the Southern Arizona Section of ACS.

Past Winners of the College Educator Award 

2011 Dr. Lonnie Burke, Pima Community College 


2013 Ms. Pollyanna Wikrent, Pima Community College 

2014 Ms. Kathy Feuling, Pima Community College 

2015 Ms. Emily Halvorson, Pima Community College

2016  Dr. Christopher Cabello, Pima Community College

2017  Not Awarded

2018 Dr. Padma Nair, Pima Community College

2019  TBA

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