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Salutes to Excellence is an award program created in 2000 as a way for ACS members to recognize achievements in chemistry and the positive impact of chemistry on everyday life in our communities by a practitioner, a product, or a place of importance in chemistry. A central part of the event is the presentation of a commemorative plaque, furnished by ACS Office of Community Activities (OCA), for the honoree(s) for the chemistry achievement being honored.
Since the program was first unveiled by OCA more than 251 honorees have received Salutes to Excellence recognition.

ACS President Ann Nalley has volunteer recognition as one of her three main foci. She has placed a spotlight on the thousands of volunteers who have helped to build and maintain this Society. She is encouraging ACS-affiliated groups to use the Salutes to Excellence program as one way to recognize the efforts of their volunteers.

If you have a nominee in mind, i.e., Student Affiliates chapter, local section members, area high school chemistry teachers and/or other community members who make outstanding contributions to the field of chemistry, please the name of the nominee (organization/site/person/product) to be honored, nominee’s address, and the achievement being recognized to:


Dr. Laura Stratton

4231 S. Fremont Ave.

Tucson, Arizona 85741 

(520) 746-8446 

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Submission deadline is March 1.


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