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                                                    2017 NCW Illustrated Poem Contest

Dear Educator,

On behalf of the Southern Arizona Local Section of the American Chemical Society (SAZACS) I am pleased to invite your school to participate in the National Chemistry Week (NCW).  The 30th anniversary of NCW will be celebrated October 22-28 with the theme, “Chemistry Rocks!”  The 2017  NCW will focus on geochemistry topics such as basic types of rock, the chemical structure of rocks, gemstones, crystal shapes and colors, etc.

To promote NCW activities, SAZACS is sponsoring illustrated ­poem contest for students in Kindergarten - 12th grade.  Poems should relate to the current topic “Chemistry Rocks” (for example rocks, minerals, gemstones, salts, crystals, magma, mantle, sediment, stalactites, and stalagmites). Entries will be judged based upon relevance to and incorporation of the theme, word choice and imagery, and colorful, creative artwork.  Contest details are described in the flyer attached to this letter and can also be viewed (along with winning entries from the previous year) at

Contest entries accompanied by the entry form should be mailed to SAZACS, PO Box 43096, Tucson, AZ 85733.  To be considered, entries must be delivered to the local section by November 3, 2017

SAZACS will award $25 gift certificate for the best poem in each grade category (K-2nd, 3rd -5th, 6th -8th, 9th -12th).  Winners of the local contest will compete on the national level.  ACS will award $300 to first-place and $150 to second-place National Contest winners, with the prizes announced during the National Chemistry Week.

To assist you with planning of the NCW-themed activities, American Chemical Society has prepared multiple resources for grade K-12 students:

Download Documents Below 

2017 NCW Illustrated Poem Contest Flyer

2017 NCW Illustrated Poem Contest Entry Form


For more questions contact: Dr. Grazyna Zreda at 

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September Dinner Meeting

Title: Chemical insights into the origins of our solar system and ancient stars through atomic-scale studies of planetary materials.

Speaker: Dr. Tom Zega, Associate Professor of Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Planetary Sciences, and Materials Science and Engineering

When: Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Where: Brother John’s  1801 N. Stone Ave.

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